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Asus RMA

Asus has a wide range of electronics from motherboards to networking to laptops. I have maintained and purchased a lot of their stuff as it is well built and affordable. I had gone out and purchased a mid range router for $120 CDN and was pretty happy with its operation.
Then one day it just crapped out. Not “fully bit the biscuit” crapped out. More like the “can’t reliably negotiate wifi connections” kind of crapped out.
I filled out a ticket on the Asus RMA website and it was a day after one year of the date of purchase.
I was in luck. I felt pretty comfortable as I had luck with Asus RMA’ing a motherboard that had failed at the very end of it’s life at work. I don’t think it was under warranty as it was a few years old but I called it in anway.
I lit a cigarette (I was still smoking at the time) and I called support to advance my ticket. As I was casually discussing the issue. Feeling pretty sure that I was a respected customer and service was Asus’ MO, I off handedly mentioned my router had been dropped. I could have kicked myself. Why did I just admit to physical damage? Could he stop the ticket there dead? Shite, I am out $150 bucks because of the grotesquely inadequate Toronto power grid.
But no. The agent simply filled the ticket so they could “take a look”. They soldered in a new chip and sent it back. I could smell the sweet odour of solders too heavily laid on the board. I wrote back the next week when performance hadn’t improved. It was still getting dismal speeds and having difficulty authenticating clients.
At this time it was revealed to me that I had an issue with the DC power supply for my modem. Swapping the inexpensive power supply fixed an issue I had been suffering from for months. Even though tech support assured me I needed a new modem.
I mentioned this to the agent and he suggested I send in all components including power supply and antennae for proper testing. Duh. Now I am patiently waiting to see what comes of my router.
It is a great router with tons of features and I’ll walk you through them just as soon as I get it back. I’m also shopping for a good UPS as well. I still have weird hiccups in my AC at my new apartment. But forget about it Jake, it’s chinatown.


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