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Sound of Music

Las week I was set to see Radiohead or my first time. Just prior to the show the stage collapsed and there show cancelled. I decided to race to Burlington to see one of y favourite bands play the Sound of Music festival.
At the end of the festival I had found myself marooned in Burlington by the lake facing a rather weak “blue wave” of police ushering people out of the downtown. I jumped in the next cab. The driver was talkative and introduced himself although I forgot his name. After a while we were talking about music and he revealed he was a guitarist for Bryan Adams and drives the cab for inspiration when nothing comes from within himself.
He handed me a CD as I left the car and it was weird how it rang with a phrase I was rolling around in my head that evening.
I looked him up on Wikipedia but couldn’t find him in the references. I’m not sure if I’ve been had but either way it was an interesting cab ride to say the least.


Wipe Generator

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I had some time today as I’m waiting on parts to arrive and an OMF to cut. I figured it wouldn’t be a bad time to try my best at making the wipe generator work. It’s a box that takes your video signal for the booth and adds a white bar that streams across it. It allows you to cue people visually. People are all different and everyone takes a cue differently. I wanted to get this thing working and have another option to offer if someone can’t catch a rhythm from beeps.

The box was out of use because:

A) the company that produced it has long closed shop (so no info on it could be gotten)

B) it required a contact closure to be triggered as opposed to something like tone or midi controls

The best solution was to find some type of circuit that could translate a tone pop to a contact closure or trigger. Enter the optocoupler, an integrated circuit utilizing an LED and a phototransistor. The light takes the tone pop’s voltage (which needed to be increased +19db to actually fire it) and changes it from an analog signal, to light which is emitted onto a phototransistor, and changed into a logic signal.

After protoboarding it with some Cat5e cable and getting it to finally fire with a 9v battery.  I put it all in a project box and packed it into the rack.

Game plan


I am trying to make an old wipe generator that came out of storage with no documentation work. It seems to be a simple contact closure so to take a blast of tone and change it into a contact closure I’m using an optocoupler. It’s a chip which takes a voltage and lights an led within a chip. The light shines on a photo transistor to create a voltage. Best laid plans…

Happy Easter!

Hey everyone. suppose I better get used to owning a blog and writing open letters to no one. I am not up to anything nerdy or media related this weekend except figuring out the  last few kinks in design and how to structure the content of this site. Utlimately the purpose of getting a website is to be represented. I’m finding the high resolution PNGs I have uploaded seem to be too large on mobile to view quickly. It looks nice on a desktop though. I’m going to jog the escarpment like I used to when I lived in Waterdown. Better get some rest.