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Wildfire Location Recording

Wildfire 3D


I flew to Pickle Lake to camp with some forrest fire fighter and gather the sound of general fire, ambiences on base, and fire fighting walla. I also had a chance to get a fairly decent sample of crowning. When an entire tree top ignites and begins a burn on the top of the canopy.

The MNR guys are hard working and well meaning dudes. It also helps to have a love of camping, when getting dropped off by helicopter there isn’t much way for getting back without assistance. Low altitude flight means when visibility is low everyone stays grounded.

I was able to get some good interior helicopters and exteriors of takeoffs and landings and wind ups and downs. It was a solid trip into the great outdoors the one where you actually do feel lost and see the expanse of wilderness one could sink deeply into. There’s nothin’ like camping to hit the reset button on life and get back some perspective.


Josh Vamos

I am a post production audio professional by day and a filmmaker and tinkerer by night.

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