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Portfolio of work and personal projects

Post Audio

I work full time in a post audio facility downtown recording and cutting dialogue, SFX and mixing for television and film productions. I enjoy being able to wear many hats and adapting to many different situations and workflows. I also enjoy being a full-time nerd as the studio’s IT department, building and repairing computers and designing the system infrastructure. In the portfolio section you will find some of my post production audio work.

I am very lucky to be doing something I enjoy. I am constantly trying to expand my horizons. I have been getting into midi triggering and mapping after moving to the city (and leaving my acoustic drums). I also enjoy experimenting with sampling and synthesis. I have been trying to crack into the world of procedural audio with only a copy of pd and Designing Sound.


Having gone to a good school with diverse and talented student body allowed me to work in small teams of people with great creativity. I produced a documentary that has toured several film festivals in Canada about Skate4Cancer. I helped make a few indie short films. As well as create some music videos for local Canadian artists.

I enjoy being behind a lense as much as being in front of a DAW. Working in audio and visual mediums respectively is engrossing. Either has it’s nuances and intrinsic strengths to push the story further and deepen the viewer’s immersion into the scene.


I intend to cover as much of my little random projects as I can on my blog to keep things interesting. With a smart phone I can pretty much add entries as I go and keep the site up to date. I solder cables, build computers, administer networks and a bunch of other geeky stuff on the regular.

Josh Vamos

I am a post production audio professional by day and a filmmaker and tinkerer by night.

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