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I work at a post audio house downtown called ImagesInSound…

It’s a small shop that stays busy and I get to switch roles, from series to series, working on sound design and audio engineering. Also I spend my downtime working to administer the network and client data transfers. It’s a good place for me to keep updating my skill set and pushing to use new techniques in sound design.

I work with Nuendo primarily for the past 5 years but have used Pro Tools as it is the industry norm. I have worked my way up and performed almost every operation of post production audio. I know the post production chain well and have worked with many post production supervisors and coordinators. From locked picture to Dolby encoded prints. Sound design is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. The truth is, sound design is more so about synthesis and selecting a palate that tells a story and conveys an emotion. Audio engineering is more of the strictly technical side of recording and mixing. It’s sometimes a lot like trying to work with both sides of the brain (sic) and switching back from process to process. It’s important when engineering to remember to take the time to think  about what you are artistically trying to accomplish.

Sound design and engineering are my passions which I have been betwixt since a young age.



Check my blog for some of my work.