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Rack Mounted DAW

I haven’t posted much lately but here is a project I just started piecing together. It’s a 2U rack mountable DAW which fits tightly into a 3U carrying case. The idea was that it fits within carry-on baggage limits at airports and can travel safely above you in flight. K series optimization abounds in this build. This thing should do backflips when it’s done. 🙂


(AND IT DOES) Playback of one of my co-workers mixes with a 700+ track count is smooth in 64bit with many VSTs.

If you have any questions about the build let me know. I will answer your questions directly or write a post. Not pictured here are the HDDs, GFX card or the Blackmagic card for video playback.

UPDATE: The rig flew to sky walker sound and back and didn’t skip a beat on a mix with over 700 track and 35 5.1 busses. Pretty good.


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