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Re-recording mixer for a new series on the FOOD Network

Figured I should post about the show I’m currently the re-recording mixer on, airing on the Food Network. Giving You the Business is a hidden camera show where the contestants are candidly recorded by robotic cameras. The premise is that 4 contestants don’t know they are competing for a chance to win a franchise at which they have worked at for (x) amount of years. The CEO is silently grading all of them from behind a view monitor as they deal with all sorts of difficult customers. From a technical standpoint, the show is ambitious as the crew spends much of their time in a truck or building near by remotely operating. It’s like a stakeout but noone’s going to end up in jail. As well, actors are using improve through much of their transactions and have to think quick on their feet to not let on to the contestants.

Sound wise it’s a lot of x tracks and denoising (They don’t let you cut the fridge on this set). Re-recording mixers take the original tracks recorded on set and re-record them into stems at broadcast spec’ and cohesively in 5.1 and stereo formats. If you hear anything you don’t like let me know in the comments will ya? Cheers.


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