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Asus RT-N16 Shibby Tomato Firmware DLNA Server


I have been using Tomato for a few months and it is pretty stable. I had issues at the beginning and began doubting the installation media I was using. I set the router up all in a few minutes including DLNA and FTP and never really clued into why the wifi bitrate was so low (a few MB/s). Then I found a post by toastman about interference caused by USB3 devices. Apparently a large amount of USB3 peripherals put off a large field that will almost cripple a router. Especially when you are plugging in an external USB3 drive to make use of Tomato’s DLNA/FTP server.

Tomato has helped keep track of my roommates’ bandwidth.  Keeping the internet billing fair for everyone in a split household with several young professionals. It reads out a pretty basic list of traffic by IP. You can reserve IP addresses by MAC address really easily to make the whole thing a bit tidier. It’s just a few clicks in the GUI. This allows you to sort the computers by name to help you add their usage up. I only wish you could instate a traffic quota capping users when they reach a threshold. You can throttle IPs just not automatically, in any way I know.

The DLNA server works wonders and is always accessible. It’s a great way to stream TV and movies and music to a dumb television or any client for DLNA on another computer. VLC had a few issues streaming via SMB: protocol. Which if you were on a mac, would be how you would view the files in finder. Alternatively you could connect via FTP if you enable the built in FTP server to move files around. That said I now use my XBMC/Plex based Linux server to stream DLNA content around the house. It is just more reliable and Plex can transcode files on the fly easier with a big GPU in it. It also handles almost any codec. You can read more about my Ubuntu home server here.

On another note I think I’m going to get Netflix as I think I have proven that Teksavvy is not billing for overages on a 300GB plan. I have yet to receive a bill for the overages. It probably has something to do with how Rogers sells bandwidth to third parties. This is kind of awesome. If I get a bill I will update this. 😉

UPDATE: still no overage charges

Tomato Shibby

Here you can see myroom mates have insomnia.
Here you can see my roommates have insomnia.


Teksavvy usage quote

Overages should have shown up on my last two billing periods.
Overages should have shown up on my last two billing periods.

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