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Deluge as a daemon for always on torrenting with XBMC

Having an HTPC is great and can replace cable (in my opinion) if you set it up in such a way that it takes care of itself and manages media for you. Generally, one must sort movies music and tv into different folders so that XBMC can scrape the appropriate websites that catalogue tv and films respectively. Deluge is a lite weight torrenting application that:

  • deluged is always on as a daemon almost out of the box
  • Accessible through any browser on your network (and off with port forwarding)
  • Can sort your files to different folders as you label them

Installation of Deluge on Ubuntu 10.10 is relatively easy using this link. The daemon version is called deluged.

Once you have it set up to run on boot then it works even when booting into the XBMC desktop environment so even when watching movies you can torrent. It is best to have the disk that handles video file playback and torrenting on different hard disks as disk thrashing can occur when many small transfers are taking place during playback. Deluge can also manage RSS feeds with smart filters so that it downloads the version or quality level you specify as a series is posted.

In ten years I’m sure this will all be irrelevant. Until then, deluge will keep you up to date on your favourite shows and streamline the process with relative ease. If you have questions about the install process of deluge or the operation of it just ask in the comment section.


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