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Linux Mint with Cinnamon Desktop Environment x64

I decided to flush Ubuntu which aimed at social media and decided to go with a distro I had heard a lot about just talking to friends and colleagues. Linux Mint with cinnamon is very stable (Nvida 319 driver update) almost out of the box on my GTX 260. It’s got a classic interface which responds snappily. I’d say the visuals in Mint are less impressive but refined and orderly so anyone that sat down at it could navigate the software installed. It isn’t as contextual of a launcher as unity, searching of things like ‘audio’ won’t reveal the settings panel relating to it. Linux Mint is a friendly supported distro that has a large user base like ubuntu. Mint also comes with transmission installed and a whole bunch of useful (open source) software to get a full desktop experience right out of the box and it’s lean for laptops that are getting long in the tooth. Think, pre core 2 duo. It’s stable, has a large user base and is based on Debian. Linux Mint also has a pretty good package manager for installing software and adding repositories and all the other little interface features you come to expect from the bigger distributions. If you want a Linux box at home or in the office it’s not a bad option.
Not a bad version of Linux for aging gear.


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