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Sound of Music

Las week I was set to see Radiohead or my first time. Just prior to the show the stage collapsed and there show cancelled. I decided to race to Burlington to see one of y favourite bands play the Sound of Music festival.
At the end of the festival I had found myself marooned in Burlington by the lake facing a rather weak “blue wave” of police ushering people out of the downtown. I jumped in the next cab. The driver was talkative and introduced himself although I forgot his name. After a while we were talking about music and he revealed he was a guitarist for Bryan Adams and drives the cab for inspiration when nothing comes from within himself.
He handed me a CD as I left the car and it was weird how it rang with a phrase I was rolling around in my head that evening.
I looked him up on Wikipedia but couldn’t find him in the references. I’m not sure if I’ve been had but either way it was an interesting cab ride to say the least.


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